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Lymington Bottom 6


From the outset we have been involved in the design and construction of individual private houses — from a new-build to significant extension and refurbishment. Our depth of experience and design skill has allowed us to create a series of unique homes, each individually tailored to its setting and client’s personality. Whilst the styles may vary; from crisp contemporary to substantial, classically-proportioned country houses, our attention to detail and high quality sustainable design ethos is a uniting factor across all our projects.
Want to revamp your living space but don’t want to pay the costs associated with moving? Whatever your property, we can help bring your ideas to life and maximise your space with a beautiful extension or refurbishment to suit your lifestyle and budget. 
 Our team of experienced and qualified interior designers can help beautifully decorate and finish your new or transformed home. If need be, we’ll consider every detail; selecting wallpapers, fabrics, colours, and textures as well as source set piece items and procure furniture from trusted suppliers and designers.